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Xcode 3.2.6. I'm trying to add a 3rd party framework (CrashReporter) to an iOS project. I've copied the framework into the project folder, added an "Existing framework"/"Other". Made sure it's checked for all targets.

Yet when I compile, Xcode emits an error on

#import <CrashReporter/CrashReporter.h>

I've checked the GCC command line, the


is there. It's defined on the target level.

There's no CrashReporter.h directly under CrashReporter.framework, but it's present under CrashReporter.framework/Versions/A/Headers.

There are no spaces in project path. There's a $ character though. I've tried building from another location, where the path has no $ either - same result.

Please, what am I missing?

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My bad. The expected structure of a framework folder includes symlinks. If you download and unarchive a framework from a Windows box, which I did, the symlinks won't be written properly.

Redownloaded from Mac, and it worked.

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