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I have the same issue described in this question except that I am working in Monotouch, not Objective-C. I am also using Monotouch-Dialog rather than Interface Builder.

So, to summarize that question, on a iPad the background of a grouped UITableView is always grey whereas on an iPhone it shows the standard striped background. I am wanting to get the same striped background showing when the application runs on an iPad.

I have tried the following in the ViewDidLoad override method (based on the answer posted in the question that I linked), but it does not work:

public class SyncDialog : DialogViewController
    public override void ViewDidLoad ()
        this.TableView.BackgroundView = new UIView();
        base.ViewDidLoad ();

Does anyone know how to get the background of the a Monotouch.Dialog _DialogViewController_ on the iPad consistent with that shown on iPhone?


I also tried changing the BackgroundColor of the tableview to UIColor.Clear as another answer tot the same question indicated. So I added:

this.TableView.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Clear;

But this also did not help. I also tried setting this.TableView.BackgroundView to null rather than instantiating another UIView object. But with both of these changes I just got a black background.

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The sample that you referenced also indicates that you need to set the TableView.BackgroundColor to UIColor.Clear

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Hi Miguel. Thanks for the response. I actually did see the other answer to the question that I posted and tried setting the BackgroundColor to UIColor.Clear. But that did not help. All I got was a black background then. –  BruceHill Jun 2 '12 at 14:55

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