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I am trying to read a file in the same directory as the Perl script as input and read from it in Windows using Perl.


$inputFile =  getcwd . "/" . <STDIN>;
open (FILE, chomp($inputFile)) or die "Cannot open $inputFile: $!\n";   
@lines = <FILE>;
print "@lines\n";

The error I get is:

C:/Documents and Settings/username/workspace/  No such file or directory

Even though that file definitely does exist in that exact form in that exact directory. I've also tried putting the "Documents and Settings" in quotes.

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The return value from chomp is not the chomped value. Factor out the chomp to before open and you should be fine.

The getcwd is needless, by the way; the concept of current directory means where to look in the absence of a full path.

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Wow thank you, that worked ^_^. – user1431118 Jun 1 '12 at 16:26

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