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Wondering if there's any guidelines that should be followed when writing an application that should work not only on a plain ol' non-networked computer but also on a computer/network that is setup with Active Directory (or some other directory service) and/or Terminal Services? Anything I should look out for, be aware of, etc?

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Microsoft has renamed Terminal Services to 'Remote Desktop Services' so searching and looking around MSDN my not be as constructive using the old terminology. I'd start having a look around Remote Desktop Services Programming Guidelines found here:


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Looks like some good stuff, thanks for pointing those resources out. –  ZZZzzz Jul 8 '09 at 17:10
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On the AD site a starting point would be here:


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The most important things to be aware of: On a Terminal Server users are not admins, they have no rights to:

  • Write in Program files folder
  • Register ActiveX controls
  • Write into (ini files) in Windows(\System32)
  • HKLM hive of the registry

Some other points: - Certain API's like getting the Windows directory will return redirected results (in this case the windows subfolder of the homedrive) UNLESS you mark your executable as Terminal Server aware - Your application must not rely on settings in HKCU that prevent startup when not present - Multiple users might use your app concurrently so each user must be able to have their own settings (in HKCU)

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