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I'm trying to reverse Enumerable (like Array) without using reverse method, but using reverse_each iterator.

I hoped, that following code is enough:

p [1,2,3].reverse_each {|v| v }

however the block doesn't return array in reversed orded. Of course I could write

[1,2,3].reverse_each {|v| p v }

but I'd like to collect items in the first way. What is the source if this behaviour and how should I write my expression to fulfill requirement?

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Ruby's (>= 1.8.7) Enumerable#each_xyz methods return an enumerator when no block is provided. That's very handy, a lot of originally imperative methods can now be used in a functional fashion, as expressions.

So if you want to collect items, call collect/map on that enumerator:

>> [1, 2, 3].reverse_each.map { |x| 2*x }
=> [6, 4, 2]
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reverse_each super handy! thanks! –  Leigh McCulloch Jun 30 '14 at 5:47

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