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I have followed the small tutorial for creating a web service client in eclipse:


However, I relaized that I do not have the following classes which I believe is used to access the web services. I am getting an error message.

import org.csapi.www.schema.parlayx.common.v2_1.PolicyException;
import org.csapi.www.schema.parlayx.terminal_location.v2_2.LocationInfo;
import org.csapi.www.wsdl.parlayx.terminal_location.v3_0.service.TerminalLocation;
import org.csapi.www.wsdl.parlayx.terminal_location.v3_0.service.TerminalLocationServiceLocator;

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!

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You need to add 2 jars of parlays in your application.
You might be having them already if you are tutorial has mentioned it or alternatively you can download it from :

or [http://www.parlayx.com/][2]

[2]: http://www.parlayx.com/
do watch out for versions of jars as package/class names might be different and you will have to change them accordingly

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I've found this tutorial useful. It uses Axis for the client.

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