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As we know the default icon size for the tabBar is 30x30 point. I have an icon with thin lines and the display property is not that good. Its edge is not sharp. But I find the tabBar icon of music.app is really pretty with sharp edge. Is there any trick I should know? Thanks in advance!

music.app tabBar icon

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It's 30x30 points, which could be either 30x30 pixels, or 60x60 pixels, depending if the device has a retina display or not. That image looks to be displayed on a retina device.

If you have an image, for example, named MusicTabIcon.png, have two versions...

  1. One @ 30x30 pixels named MusicTabIcon.png
  2. One @ 60x60 pixels named MusicTabIcon@2x.png
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Cool, it's clear now:) –  lu yuan Jun 1 '12 at 18:07

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