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My app opens up in View A. In View B, I have made a custom popover who's view contains:


What I wish to do is From View A, Move Into View B having set the Vertical Scroll position to a specific LinearLayout from the ScrollView within the Popup.

I have the scrollview being assigned in code to a variable and


is NOT working.

I have also tried to put Runnable() {     
    public void run() {         
        sView.scrollTo(0, myNum);     

within the routine I run to setup View B, Tried it Outside in the OnCreate routine. Nothing seems to be working to scroll the ScrollView.

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The Runnable() {     
    public void run() {         
        sView.scrollTo(0, scrollYPos);     

was EXTREMELY useful, however its placement was even more important. Do to the scrollview being inside of a popover view, the code above actually had to be placed AFTER the code that truly brought that popover onto screen.

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