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Hello I'm really new to the Python programming language and i have encountered a problem writing one script. I want to save the output from stdout that i obtain when i run a tcpdump command in a variable in a Python script, but i want the tpcdump command to run continuously because i want to gather the length from all packets transferred that get filtered by tcpdump(with the filter i wrote). I tried :

    fin, fout = os.popen4(comand)
    result =
    return result

But it just hangs.

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I'm guessing that it hangs because os.popen4 doesn't return until the child process exits. You should be using subprocess.Popen instead.

import subprocess
import shlex  #just so you don't need break "comand" into a list yourself ;)

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Thank you. That worked. At first i tried from the command line and it didn't seem to work but when i wrote a script it did. Also thanks for the promptness :) – primero Jun 1 '12 at 18:52

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