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Is there a way to customize the color of a NSPopUpButton arrow? I've looked around but I've not found an answer yet

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I really dont think there is an "easy" way to do this. If you look at the API description, it even states that it doesnt respond to the setImage routine. I have done quite a bit of work sub-classing button objects, etc... and I think this is where you would have to go in order to do what you are asking.

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Like too many of these controls, I did it by subclassing NSPopupButton(Cell) and then doing all my own drawing in drawRect...I cheated a little though, and used an image do the actual triangle rather than trying to do it via primitives.

   - (void)drawRect:(NSRect)dirtyRect {
//...Insert button draw code here...
//Admittedly the above statement includes more work than we probably want to do.
//Assumes triangleIcon is a cached NSImage...I also make assumptions about location

CGFloat iconSize = 6.0;
CGFloat iconYLoc = (dirtyRect.size.height - iconSize) / 2.0;
CGFloat iconXLoc = (dirtyRect.size.width - (iconSize + 8));

CGRect triRect = {iconXLoc, iconYLoc, iconSize, iconSize};
[triangleIcon drawInRect:triRect];


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