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In Bean class there is this annotation:

   class User {  
        @OneToMany(targetEntity = Feedback.class,mappedBy = "user",cascade =   
        CascadeType.ALL,fetch = FetchType.LAZY)  
    private List<Feedback> feedbacks;  

I want to delete user, which has some feedbacks. If I type this:

sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().get(User.class, id));

user will be deleted successfully, (id is primary key). But I want to delete all users, witch, have role="admin", and if i type this query:

String query = "DELETE from User WHERE role='" + role + "'";

It will be delete only users without references to feedbacks. What wrong with my query? Please help.

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Nothing is wrong with your query. HQL delete queries do not "touch" associations. That is per JPA spec.

Check out this issue in Hibernate Jira about adding support for adding a new keyword CASCADE to delete queries for specifying associations which should also be deleted.

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