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I am trying to create a table in Database A from a table in database B. I have an idea with the query. In the database A, the table needs MerchantID and can get it from database B by using the query (Select MerchantID from Merchant_Location where LocationID= 'particular LocationID').

I need some help with the syntax for a query like this in SQL Server 2005. Thank you in advance!

INSERT INTO A.dbo.Merchant_Category (MerchantCategoryID, MerchantID)
SELECT MerchantLocationCategoryID, (MerchantID from Merchant_Location where LocationID =    @Location) as MerchantID FROM B.dbo.Merchant_Location_Category
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You can JOIN across databases in an INSERT, just like a SELECT. Most systems will allow it in an UPDATE as well.

INSERT INTO A.dbo.Merchant_Category (
   MerchantCategoryID, MerchantID
SELECT LC.MerchantLocationCategoryID, L.MerchantId
FROM B.dbo.Merchant_Location_Category as LC
JOIN A.dbo.Merchant_Location as L ON
    LC.LocationID = L.LocationID
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I understand that now. Thank you! :-) – Ram Jun 1 '12 at 19:36

You want to use a SELECT INTO statement. What this does is execute a query and then inserts the results into your designated table.

SELECT field1, field2, field3 FROM db_b.TABLE_IN_DB_B

Read more about the SELECT INTO statement Here

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