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I spent a few time learning Play 2 and now I want to generalize my project. I have a view for rendering list of entities and now I want to pass another view as parameter which will render entity into this list. For example:

// showList.scala.html
@(entityList: List[Entity], /* Template for one Entity render. Named entityRenderer*/)
@for(entity <- entityList) 

// entityRenderer.scala.html
@(entity: Entity)

which type entityRenderer should have?

I know each template is just a scala function but how to deal with them?

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If I understand your question I would suggest the following:

// file main.scala.html
@(entityList: Page[models.Task]) // here we define a Page of entities
@for(entity <- entityList.getList) {
        @tags.entityRenderer(entity) // here we call another view passing the entity

And the other file:

// file entityRenderer.scala.html in package tags
@(entity: Task) // here we define the incoming arguments

Rember that the templates are basically compiled into functions. So you need to define the correct arguments and obviously pass the correct argument.

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There is not what I mean. Now I have a situation exactly that you write. And this brings a bit code-repeating. In your example I want to pass tags.entityRenderer() as parameter to main.scala.html. Using this aproach I can render list of tasks, for example as list of small headers if I pass smallHeaderRenderer() or as a detailed list if I pass detailedRenderer(). By the way, maybe I misunderstood some base conception? – Alex Povar Jun 2 '12 at 5:26

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