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I need serialize a Com Object using .net using c# or Delphi .Net is this possible? Bye.

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Surely someone has code samples? – Robert Harvey Jul 6 '09 at 6:45
@Robert: why would there be any code samples? This question doesn't even make any sense, in general. Does the COM object know anything about XML? Does it know how to serialize itself? Is it even possible to create an instance of the object with default parameters, then set all properties (as you'd have to do when deserializing)? – John Saunders Jul 6 '09 at 7:23
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You could probably do this by wrapping the COM object in a (serializable) .NET class, exposing the fields that you want serialized.

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You can get a Managed Object through GetObjectForIUnknown Method. And then, you can serialize this managed object.

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Check to see if you COM object implements IPersistStream, IPersistMemory or any other of the IPersist variants -- that would be your best bet.

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The Com Object does not implements any IPersistent variant. – RRUZ Jul 6 '09 at 9:00

I am not sure there will be difference in how you serialize your data in C++, .Net or in any other language. COM object is like a class and can be serialized by getting each data member and serializing it .I did like this in C++.

I think this should be same in .Net unless there are specific APIs to do it.

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Not simply by passing object to serializer - implement ISerializable interface on COM object wrapper (primary interop assembly is a wrapper too) and define your own serialization.

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