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Is there an idea I could use to resize brightcove video player so that it fits into the browser window according to the resized height and width. It should work for both flash and HTML5 mode. Is that a possibility?

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Maybe this might help: css-elastic-videos

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Looks very promising! –  web_dev Jun 6 '12 at 15:05

Brightcove has a document on how to create responsive players: http://support.brightcove.com/en/video-cloud/docs/responsive-sizing-video-players

In my experience, if this doesn't work, their internal support team is really good about creating solutions for specific cases.

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In case someone else has this issue:

var brightcove_video_container = $( "#brightcove-video-container" ).brightcoveVideo({ 
    "playerID": "3715052728001",    "@videoPlayer": liveStream.id,      "autoStart": true, 
    "templateReadyHandler": function(){
        //resize for ipad
        window.addEventListener("orientationchange", function() {
            $("#brightcove-video-container").data( "brightcoveVideo" ).experience.setSize( $("#brightcove-video-container").width(), $("#brightcove-video-container").height() );                           
        }, false);
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In the end, I went with mediaelementjs which offers elastic cross device video support.

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