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I am building a VxWorks image, and it keeps getting hung up on one particular .cpp file. Here is the error:

C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:144: conflicting types for `typedef struct PMCDATA_STRUCT PMCDATA_STRUCT'
C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:144: previous declaration as `typedef struct PMCDATA_STRUCT PMCDATA_STRUCT'
C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:205: conflicting types for `typedef struct VX_DMA_MEMORY_MAP VX_DMA_MEMORY_MAP'
C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:205: previous declaration as `typedef struct VX_DMA_MEMORY_MAP VX_DMA_MEMORY_MAP'
C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:230: new declaration `struct PMCDATA_STRUCT * GetPmc(int)'
C:\\Tornado2.2\\target\\src\\pmccommon\\pmcvxcommon.h:230: ambiguates old declaration `struct PMCDATA_STRUCT * GetPmc(int)'

I've seen conflicting type errors before, but never when it's comparing to itself! What could this mean?

Here is line 127-144 of pmcvxcommon.h:

typedef struct
    >>lines 129-143

PMCDATA_STRUCT is NOT declared elsewhere. This is the same for VX_DMA_MEMORY_MAP.

Any ideas?

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Let me know what further information I can provide. I'll be gone over the weekend but on Monday morning I can answer any questions/comments if I did not provide enough info. –  MattDavBen Jun 1 '12 at 20:05
Still getting the same error even after putting #include guards in. –  MattDavBen Jun 4 '12 at 12:22
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Try modifying the pmcvxcommon.h file as follows:

... original content of file ...
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My guess: You're including that file multiple times within a given compilation unit.

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It doesn't appear to be, though it may have gotten in twice through the header chain. I'll investigate. Thanks! –  MattDavBen Jun 1 '12 at 20:08
Just tested: The file I am currently building calls upon multiple header files, two of which require pmcvxcommon.h. The entire build fails without including it in both of these... –  MattDavBen Jun 1 '12 at 20:13
The typical solution is to #define PMCVXCOMMON__H in pmcvxcommon.h, and then do an #ifdef to only #include it if that symbol is not yet defined. –  Mordachai Jun 1 '12 at 20:16
Tried it over the weekend. It was a great idea to prevent multiple inclusion, but I'm still getting the exact same error even after putting #ifndef's everywhere that pmcvxcommon.h is called. –  MattDavBen Jun 4 '12 at 12:22
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