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I have two datasets in SAS that I would like to merge, but they have no common variables. One dataset has a "subject_id" variable, while the other has a "mom_subject_id" variable. Both of these variables are 9-digit codes that have just 3 digits in the middle of the code with common meaning, and that's what I need to match the two datasets on when I merge them.

What I'd like to do is create a new common variable in each dataset that is just the 3 digits from within the subject ID. Those 3 digits will always be in the same location within the 9-digit subject ID, so I'm wondering if there's a way to extract those 3 digits from the variable to make a new variable.


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SQL(using sample data from Data Step code):

proc sql;
 create table want2 as  
 select a.subject_id, a.other, b.mom_subject_id, b.misc
 from have1 a JOIN have2 b 

Data Step:

 data have1;
  length subject_id $9;
  input subject_id $ other $;
   abc001def other1
   abc002def other2
   abc003def other3
   abc004def other4
   abc005def other5

 data have2;
  length mom_subject_id $9;
  input mom_subject_id $ misc $;
   ghi001jkl misc1
   ghi003jkl misc3
   ghi005jkl misc5

 data have1;
  length id $3;
  set have1;

 data have2;
  length id $3;
  set have2;

 Proc sort data=have1;
  by id;

 Proc sort data=have2;
  by id;

 data work.want;
  merge have1(in=a) have2(in=b);
  by id;
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an alternative would be to use

    proc sql

and then use a join and the substr() just as explained above, if you are comfortable with sql

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Assuming that your "subject_id" variable is a number then the substr function wont work as sas will try convert the number to a string. But by default it pads some paces on the left of the number.

You can use the modulus function mod(input, base) which returns the remainder when input is divided by base.

/*First get rid of the last 3 digits*/
temp_var = floor( subject_id / 1000);
/* then get the next three digits that we want*/
id = mod(temp_var ,1000);

Or in one line:

id = mod(floor(subject_id / 1000), 1000);

Then you can continue with sorting the new data sets by id and then merging.

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