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I'm trying to compile one of my HTML5 project using Google Closure. I'm recieving several errors that I don't know how to solve. In fact, it's the same error but for different variables.

Here the errors messages:

variable window is undeclared variable event is undeclared variable console is undeclared variable Audio is undeclared

These variables are Javascript built-in variables. If I compile this same project directly in command-line, it works. But, in my case, I need to compile this project using an ant file (build process). My ant build script is using the same jar file that I use in command-line. With the option warnings="verbose", it doesn't work. If I remove it, it works. If I would like to use the option warnings-"verbose", what I have to do? Please explain me the difference.

Could somebody help me please? Thank you!

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It sounds like the default externs are not getting included. Can you post the compiler options/flags you are using? – Chad Killingsworth Jun 2 '12 at 12:22
What Chad said. How are you running the compiler? – John Jun 2 '12 at 18:24
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The option --warnings=verbose sets the compiler to "ninja mode"; i.e. every single variable in your file should be declared (an annotated!) correctly. For example, the window variable is unknown to the compiler, but Closure has an implementation of window (independent of the platform used). If your variables are included in some other file, use externs. If yo still want to use Verbose mode without the 'undeclared variable' error, use the flag --jscomp_off=checkVars

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