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I have a wpf user control , inside it i have put a canvas named VisualFeedback , now programmatically i add a eclipse using :

       Ellipse ellipse = new Ellipse
            Fill = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Red),
            Width = 5,
            Height = 5,
            Opacity = 1,
            Margin = new Thickness(10, 10, 0, 0)

But it does not show up in the canvas of usercontrol which is in the mainwindows of the application .

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Your code works for me - you're sure that you're not just missing it? - it's quite small.

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Yes i was missing it...i was adding it in another function which was not getting called . Thanks! – rajat Jun 1 '12 at 23:26
Haha..Ohk , Forgot . – rajat Jun 2 '12 at 6:58

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