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I am apparently confused as to how the GAE ancestor query should work. My understanding was that an ancestor query should return all descendent generations, not just immediate children. Yet if I modify the example from the Developer Guide as follows, I retrieve only the immediate children, never the grandchild. What am I missing?

        Entity person = new Entity("Person", "tom");

        Entity weddingPhoto = new Entity("Photo", person.getKey());

        Entity babyPhoto = new Entity("Photo", person.getKey());

// add this grandchild:

        Entity grandbabyPhoto = new Entity("Photo", babyPhoto.getKey());

        Entity dancePhoto = new Entity("Photo", person.getKey());

        Entity campingPhoto = new Entity("Photo");
           java.util.Arrays.asList(person, weddingPhoto, babyPhoto, dancePhoto, campingPhoto));

        Query userPhotosQuery = new Query("Photo");

        // This returns weddingPhoto, babyPhoto and dancePhoto, but
        // not grandbabyPhoto --- why???
        List<Entity> results = 

Thanks very much for any help you can provide!

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Because your put(..) statement does not contain grandbabyPhoto, so it does not get saved.

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Obviously, @peter. Thanks. Amazing how you can look and not see. –  Brian McGann Jun 2 '12 at 13:32

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