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I'm new to rails, and just found the simple_form gem. I installed it with bootstrap suport, but now I can't get this code to work the way I want it

<%= f.button :submit, "<i class='icon-ok icon-white'></i> Save", class: "btn btn-primary" %>

I just want to put the icon inside the button, but when I do this, it shows me a button with the text '<i class='icon-ok icon-white'></i> Save'

I also tried to do

<%= f.button :submit, class: "btn btn-primary" do %><i class="icon-ok icon-white"></i> Save<% end %>

But with no success. How can I add some HTML inside the button with simple_form gem?

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Don't use content_tag. The following works:

  <%= button_tag(type: 'submit', class: "btn btn-primary") do %>
    <i class="icon-ok icon-white"></i> Save
  <% end %>
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In simple_form 3.0rc use :button button type (it passes your block to original ActiveView button helper):

<%= f.button :button do %>
  <i class="icon-save"></i>
<% end %>

Or write additional button wrapper.

For additional info look into simple_form/form_builder.rb FormBuilder#button method.

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Tried it, doesn't work. Writing a button wrapper sounds like a good idea, though. –  Andrew Smith Sep 1 '13 at 13:29
I take it back, it works! –  Andrew Smith Sep 1 '13 at 13:47
For some reason this only works with :button, and not :submit. I'm using 3.1rc2 –  emptywalls Sep 25 at 22:33
When you use button method it passes your block to "#{type}_button" or "#{type}" helper. Simple form button helpers doesn't support blocks so using button_button helper that declared as alias_method :button_button, :button we call original method from ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder. With :submit button type it's not possible. Read code of simple_form/form_builder.rb for better explanation. –  Bombazook Sep 29 at 14:41

I think you can't do it with simple_form. But I have good news for you. You should be fine using rails helper along side with simple form.

just do

button_tag(type: 'submit', class: "btn btn-primary") do
  content_tag(:i, class: "icon-ok icon-white")

Not sure if this works, even the syntax but it should give you a hint

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