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I have the below source. The driver is not able to click on the text area with the name "comment". Wondering if the span id has anything to do with this ! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

<TD vAlign=top>
   <TEXTAREA style="DISPLAY: none" class=textinput rows=10 cols=50 name=comment>
   <SPAN id=_editor_toolbar>
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<TD vAlign=top><TEXTAREA style="DISPLAY: none" class=textinput rows=10 cols=50 name=comment></TEXTAREA><SPAN id=_editor_toolbar> –  cooler8020002000 Jun 1 '12 at 23:57
do you want to click or type in the text area? And what is the error message you are seeing? –  A.J Jun 2 '12 at 2:22

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If you want to interact with an element on the web page with webdriver, this element should become displayed first, while your textarea isn't: style="DISPLAY: none"

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Thanks Aleh. Much appreciated. –  cooler8020002000 Jun 4 '12 at 17:38

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