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I have some Groovy code that calls the groovy Sql object:

Sql sql = new Sql(dataSource)

It has worked fine in the past, but I now have some conditional logic that I tried to model with a CASE statement like CASE WHEN a.pick = ${somevalue} THEN ${100} ELSE 0 END CASE"

However, I get a runtime error that says it doesn't recognize a, but I believe it to be a symptom of the fact that it doesn't recognize the CASE statement in general, as a is recognized elsewhere in the query and is nothing new. How can I accomplish this? Thanks.

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Is it a MySQL error in the stacktrace? If so it's a problem with your SQL syntax and not grails. Please post the SQL if the prob persists. –  Michael J. Lee Jun 2 '12 at 13:08

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I'm guessing that this may be an issue with your mysql syntax but I can't confirm because it is not provided. Alternatively but, not that elegant; you could handle this with groovy...

def sqlInsert = "insert into foo (bar) values (${(foo.pick == someValue)? 100 : 0})"

However, first you should printing your failing query and run it in MySQL directly to see if it's a syntax issue first.

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