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I have some array of elements

$cities = array('Paris', 'London', 'Berlin', 'Vinnitsa');

And I need to merge criteria in some case. I use such scope:

    public function city($cities){
        foreach ($cities as $city){
                'condition'=>'city LIKE :num',
            ), false);
        return $this;

I need to generate something like this:

... WHERE ext_id='34' 
      AND (ctiy LIKE 'Paris' OR city LIKE 'London' OR city LIKE 'Berlin' OR city LIKE 'Vinnitsa') 
      AND (....)

But instead of it Yii-AR generates:

     (some_id= 34) 
     (city LIKE 'Paris')
  OR (city LIKE ''London'')

How can I make single OR condition in one brackets using getDbCriteria()->mergeWith()? About custom prepared condition I know, but it is to cumbersome ;)

UPD: 2012-06-03:

I've solved the problem like this:

$citiesReg = implode('|',$cities); //Convert to REGEXP 

       'condition'=>'city REGEXP :city',
return $this;

For use UTF-8 you additionally need: 1. To lowercase each element of array mb_strtolower($val,'UTF-8'); before converting to string. 2. A bit modify the condition: 'condition'=>'LOWER(city) REGEXP :city'

It is because of MySQL lib REGEXP worlks badly with utf-8.

Thanks for participating!

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Have you tried CDbCriteria::addInCondition? – DCoder Jun 2 '12 at 4:07
No, I'll try today, thanks! – fcmax Jun 2 '12 at 5:31
"keep the unanswered count low" How can i do that? – fcmax Jun 9 '12 at 3:39

Let try addInCondition, first parameter is condition (e.g 'cite LIKE \'London\' ') and the second is the operator (OR or AND).

You can foreach the array (city) and use addInCondition.

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What about %city%? "%" don't work with 'IN'. – fcmax Jun 2 '12 at 10:17
I've solved that problem like this: $citiesStr = implode('|',$cities); //Convert to REGEXP $this->getDbCriteria()->mergeWith(array( 'condition'=>'city REGEXP :city', 'params'=>array(':city'=>$citiesStr), )); return $this; – fcmax Jun 3 '12 at 2:00

Look here about using mergeWith and foreach the array. Maybe it is what kamankily suggest, but using $criteria (not addInCondition)

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