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I probably miss something because I havent fully understood some basics. In my controller I have something similar to

functiona(Person person){

The view has the following

$.post("/validatePerson",{person: [{name:"first",value:"last"}]},function(result){

It looks as if the information is passing but the member isn't populated. I have also tried adding the following typebinder

public class PersonJsonObjectBinder implements TypeBinder<Person> {     
    public Person bind(String name, 
                        Annotation[] annotations, 
                        String value, Class actualClass, 
                        Type genericType) throws Exception 
                        return new Gson().fromJson(value, Person.class);
                    //return new JsonParser().parse(value) ;}

Your help is greatly appriciated.

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Are you sure person should be an array? It should be an object I think: {person: {name:"first",value:"last"}} –  Umut Benzer Sep 13 '12 at 19:15

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If you want to bind directly into the controller argument you need to pass in the Person data as part of the request uri.



See how the parameter person.firstname matches the argument name person and the property.

In order to to bind from Json you could get the body as a json element and use GSON builder to deserialise. Something like the following

JsonElement jsonElement = new JsonParser().parse(body);
Person person = new GsonBuilder().create().fromJson(jsonElement,Person.class)

Again the json propety would need to match the Person class's properties e.g

{person: [{firstname:"john",lastname:"doe"}]}
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