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I am first stating my objective and then coming to some questions which I want to clarify

Objective: I want to capture the images from a flash player control embedded in a webbrowser. Say, I want to grab 15 images per second from the youtube player with annotations and encode them into a video or a live webcam or broadcast within a browser. (Youtube downloaders dont render annotations into video frames)

The easiest solution is, Use a video screen recorder tool, but theres a catch...I dont want to occupy my screen with that application to take the snapshots..

I want to do it like, if I could get the HANDLE of that control, then using its HDC property, I will make those images using the API blitblt and save those images or record it into a video.. In this way I can use any other app on the screen, but the recording is being done behind the scene... Once Itried to do that, now I am coming to the questions

I saw when the window was minimized, the it is capturing blank images.... When I am switching browser tabs, its recording the same region on my screen on the new tab, but not the flash player control. I thought since I introduced the hdc of my flash player control to my app it will always record or capture that handle only.

I know my post became slightly bigger, but I tried to state clearly my objective and my approach to get the job done...and to get expert opinion... Any good suggestions will be highly appreciated.. Thanks in advance

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no one has any answer!!!? –  Prasenjit Chatterjee Jun 2 '12 at 17:55
did you find any solution?? –  Kulpemovitz May 5 '13 at 12:37

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