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I was wondering if there is a way to get Sublime Text 2 to autocomplete HTML attributes like in Aptana?

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Autocomplete is enabled by default when you use "<" and your tag and then hit enter. So if you enter <p and then hit enter it will finish out the tag pair for you... where you will end up with <p></p> and your cursor will be in the middle. You can change this to tab if you prefer by pasting the following into your Preferences -> Settings - User file:

    "auto_complete_commit_on_tab": true

This will override the default value of false for completion on tab. Again that is only if you wish to use tab instead of enter.

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answered my search query.. cheers –  Zarne Dravitzki Jan 9 '13 at 11:24

Hey you may try https://github.com/agibsonsw/HTMLAttributes or install trought package control package called "HTMLAttributes" ;). Its works for me. For example you type:

<p then press space bar then ctrl+space and you got list of attributes.

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Your example sentence is unfinished here. Please use Markdown mark-up if you need to put HTML tags in the answer. –  Mikko Ohtamaa Nov 23 '12 at 11:06

You can try to use emmet package. It was made specifically for html&css code completion. For more information you should read the documentation.

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