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i m new to LINQ and i want to write linq to fetch the value between list <usertypeclass> and list <string>

i have a class

public class Hashtable 
             public string Id
             public string MediaType 
             public string Href 

then i use this class to add values in list

var list = new List<Hashtable>
 new Hashtable { Id = "x001.xhtml", MediaType = "application/xhtm+xml", Href = "text/001.xhtml" },
 new Hashtable { Id = "x002.xhtml", MediaType = "application/xhtm+xml", Href = "text/002.xhtml" },
 new Hashtable { Id = "x003.xhtml", MediaType = "application/xhtm+xml", Href = "text/003.xhtml" }

i have another list which contains values like:

List<string> lstrhtml = new List<string>();

now i need to right linq to match the both list with id value i.e for e.g. x003.xhtml and extract href value,i tried so far is:

var val=list.Where(o=>lstrhtml.Contains(o["Id"].ToString()))

but it giving me error....please reply and suggest me where I'm going wrong

thanks in advance

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Why is that class called Hashtable, when it has nothing to do with a hash-table. That is just adding confusion. – Marc Gravell Jun 2 '12 at 6:52
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It sounds like you just need a join:

var query = from id in lstrhtml
            join hashtable in list on id equals hashtable.Id
            select hashtable.href;

foreach (string href in query)

(Side-note: I'd personally avoid using the name Hashtable if possible, given that many readers will think of System.Collections.Hashtable when they see it.)

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hey thanks helps me...i got what i want – user1411786 Jun 2 '12 at 7:05
@shweta Note that LINQ joins usually fail on the device with "attempting to JIT-compile method..." messages. On the simulator they execute fine. – Dimitris Tavlikos Jun 2 '12 at 7:35

basically you need to do inner join between both the list will do task for you rather than contains

var query =
from h in listofHashtable
join s in lstrhtml 
on h.Id  equals s
select h.Href;
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