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I am storing which lines in a source file are executed in a SQL server database. In my query I want to determine if two file's executions overlap; e.g.

Line Run1 Run2
1    x
2    x    x
4         x

Run1 executed lines 1 and 2, run2 lines 2 and 4. I can see by doing a (run1 & ! run2) that line 1 was executed in Run1 only.

If I store the runs as bit masks (varbinary) how can I compare runs in an SQL query?

create table runs columns filename varchar, runCoverage varbinary;
select filename, andNot(run, 1) from runs group by filename

This would compare a (selection of) run with the others run bit fields. Ideally I want to OR the bitfields of groups of records (line coverage data from one component) and then AND NOT with another group of records. I can count the 1 bits in the result, which would be the number of lines covered in one group of tests but not in another...

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If the number of lines isn't too great, you could simply cast the varbinary to a bigint to do bitwise comparissons to get all files that executed line 1:

where (cast(runCoverage as bigint) & 1) > 0

or all files that executed any line beside line 1

where (cast(runCoverage as bigint) & ~1) > 0

If the number of lines is higher, some helper function could be made using substr to get the proper bits. Then again, perhaps I'm misunderstanding the question alltogether.

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Good to see a sql developer who is not afraid of bitmasking. – Namphibian Jun 2 '12 at 8:13
My bit field represent files, that can be thousands of lines. – Martin Stein Jun 5 '12 at 15:18

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