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I want to call a method in the Web API controller on click of a button by passing the filename and GUID associated with the button in the View.

Here is the code.

<div style="float: left; width: 75%; margin-left: 10px;">

@(Html.Telerik().Grid((IEnumerable<FileModel>)ViewData["DocumentList"]).Name("DocumentList").Template(@text @Html.ActionLink("FileDownload", "FileDownload", new { file = item.FileName, GuID = item.DocumentGuID }) /text).Width(10);

In the above code I was calling FileDownload Action by passing FileName and GUID as parameters. Now I want to call a method in samplecontroller and pass "Filename" and "Guid" as parameters.

public samplecontroller:webapicontroller
    public downLoad(int,guid)

How can I call the method "downLoad" on click of button in view?

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With ApiController most probably you need to use javascript to call the method async. Jquery will help Something like below:

Jquery script inside the view, in document on load function:
    $('#buttonid').bind('click', function(){
            var filename = $('#file').attr('name');
        var guid = $('#file').attr('guid');
        $.getJSON("api/samplecontroller/download?file=" + filename +"&guid=" +guid,
            function (data) {
                // On success



Controller action:  
    public samplecontroller:Apicontroller
        public Download([fromuri]string fileName, [fromuri]string guid)


There are other options though on how you pass the filename and guid and format the Uri request with UriTemplate.

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Can I call the jquery function within the grid i.e.,within html.Telerik() tag? – user1400915 Jun 2 '12 at 11:56
The better way is to use javascript the unobtrusive way[link] So tag your button or link with a class or ID when you render the grid items. If there are many similar items then assign a dummy class to all items like 'mybtnclass' instead of ID. Then you can bind a event with the class like: $('.mybtnclass').bind('click', function(){..}); – Abhijit Kadam Jun 2 '12 at 12:05
Here is how you can add a class to your action link… – Abhijit Kadam Jun 2 '12 at 12:08

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