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I want to make a lists of objects in Java but when I print the list it contains only the string value:

List<Bucketreturn> list = new ArrayList<Bucketreturn>();            

Bucketreturn br=new Bucketreturn();//creates bucket objects
// prints only string value but I want the integer should also be printed
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You should override Bucketreturn.toString() and let it return the exact string you want to see.

Something like

  public String toString() {
     return date_bucket_added + " " + bucket_id + " "  + bucket_name + " " + item_number;

If you use Eclipse it has features for helping you easily maintain your toString() methods.

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Override the toString() method in your Bucketreturn class.

list.toString() will print a list of the object in the list, enclosed in '[]' and seprated by ',' using the objects toString() method.

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Use toString() method for printing all elements of a list by using system.out.println(list.toString())

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