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i'm using ExtJS. I want to mask my window before highload script will execute. When I use


mask doesn't appears. After mask function start highload and then It can't change html until it end. And in that case I need to use defer (setTimeout analog). Is there any solution without defer methods?

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For more information:

script may prevent the browser from optimizing the reflows, and cause it to flush the queue and perform all batched changes. This happens when you request style information, such as

offsetTop, offsetLeft, offsetWidth, offsetHeight scrollTop/Left/Width/Height clientTop/Left/Width/Height getComputedStyle(), or currentStyle in IE All of these above are essentially requesting style information about a node, and any time you do it, the browser has to give you the most up-to-date value. In order to do so, it needs to apply all scheduled changes, flush the queue, bite the bullet and do the reflow.

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Function defering is only way to solve that problem.

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