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I just tried to set up my Doxfile to generate graphs but i get:

Problems running dot: exit code=127, command='dot',
arguments='"/MyProject/extras/doc/target/html/_c_c_blade_8cpp__incl.dot" -Tpng -o
*** Doxygen has finished

And no graphs are generated. Whats going on?

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Without further information, all I can say is that doxygen tried to run the command dot with the above argument and the dot tool returned a exit code 127 instead of 0. Try running this command yourself from the command line, and/or provide more data (an example that has this result, the config file, the versions of doxygen and dot you used, etc...) –  doxygen Jun 3 '12 at 8:26

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The problem waas on Mint linux doxygen don't install plugins to draw graphs automatically, installing package graphviz solve the problem

sudo apt-get install graphviz -y 
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