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Im having some hardtime with facebook like buttons on same page. Im using WordPress here where every "post" is a youtube video clip.

Im connecting to youtube with its php api and list all available videos, then adding them to wp (creating new post for each video so i can use permalinks) and in frontend im listing these posts.

What im having problem with is when i list 5 first videos (on entering the site) the first video is not "triggering" FB like button in right way and that results to wrong image in og:image and wrong link in og:url.

Alltho when i use facebook debugger on that specific posts permalink, i get all right data in debug tool. So basically nothing is wrong !?

I also got a order by buttons, that via ajax loads in new videos in right order depending which button was clicked, when i click one, after the load, everything works. That means the first video-post that was loaded originally, when entering the site and had worng data attached when "liking" is now showing right data.

This is a project for a client and therefor it is sensitive to show the page to public before launchday (on 5:th june).

Im just seeking for some thoughts if anyone else have had similar problem and what might possibly be a solution.

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What does not "triggering" FB like button in right way mean? Can you show the code you're using? – Nitzan Tomer Jun 2 '12 at 11:04
Well when entering any site, like button is initiated with given URL right ? in my case, it seems that initiation goes wrong since the first posts like-button has wrong post-url. I mean when clicking on likebutton, one can see og:title and og:image content in "share" box that also pops up, but in my case i see wrong data :S Code is basic: '<fb:like href="'. get_permalink ( $video_post->ID ).'" send="false" layout="button_count" width="420" show_faces="false" font="verdana" style="margin-top:8px; margin-bottom:8px;"></fb:like>'. – Deko Jun 2 '12 at 12:10
what's the code that returns from the server? Maybe the get_permalink outputs the wrong url? – Nitzan Tomer Jun 2 '12 at 13:21

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