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I need to know the algorithm(s) it uses, because I have to write my own program. Levenberg-Marquardt doesn't really do the same. Is there like a list of algorithms, from which Mathematica chooses what algorithm to use for a specific problem?

Thank you.

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Mathematica 8.x can use the following algorithms for NonLinearModelFit[] for its Method option:

Possible settings for Method include "ConjugateGradient", "Gradient", "LevenbergMarquardt", "Newton", "NMinimize", and "QuasiNewton", with the default being Automatic.

See the documentation for additional options etc.

Note that NonLinearFit[] is obsolete; you should now use FindFit[] instead.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. So are you telling me that it definitely is gonna use one of these algorithms? how would it choose between them? what's the criterion? I didn't really find enough info in Help. –  The Quantum Physicist Jun 2 '12 at 21:56
Yes, the Automatic setting for this option chooses among these available algorithms. However, no additional info is given regarding how the choice is actually made.You can however select the algorithm you want to be used. –  Massimo Cafaro Jun 2 '12 at 22:09
To select a specific method, use the option Method->"MethodName". For example, you can use: NonlinearModelFit[data, Log[a + b x^2], {a, b}, x, Method->"NMinimize"] –  Searke Jun 7 '12 at 13:39

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