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All the time when I'm trying login myself to sqlplus I log on to SQL> but I don`t know what I have to do to got Main user account for example [oracle@host01~] ?

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The SQL> prompt is the default in SQLPlus. You can change it on the commnadline, once logged in, to a custom string. try:

set sqlprompt "_USER'@'_CONNECT_IDENTIFIER > "

to show your user and the DB you are connected to.

from this page, we can see the following default keywords that you can use:

  • _CONNECT_IDENTIFIER Connection identifier used to make connection, where available.
  • _DATE Current date, or a user defined fixed string.
  • _EDITOR Specifies the editor used by the EDIT command.
  • _O_RELEASE Full release number of the installed Oracle Database.
  • _O_VERSION Current version of the installed Oracle Database.
  • _PRIVILEGE Privilege level of the current connection.
  • _SQLPLUS_RELEASE Full release number of installed SQL*Plus component.
  • _USER User name used to make connection.
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Really thx for help –  RPD Jun 2 '12 at 11:54
do you know why I have got problem now system don`t understand code SP2-0734 -> SYS@orcl>lsnrctl stop listener –  RPD Jun 2 '12 at 12:09

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