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I followed the steps shown on google code to write a simple chrome extension but when I try to load it a pop-up says "Manifest file is missing or not readable". Why is such a message displayed and how can I do away with the problem? I have already put the manifest file, the icon and the popup.htm in a folder.

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There probably is an error in your json file. Show it to us. –  dystroy Jun 2 '12 at 12:13

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  1. Check for misspellings in the filename, eg.: mafinest.json vs manifest.json
  2. Check whether you loaded the unpacked extension from the correct folder
  3. Check whether Chrome has access to that folder

There are no other broad reasons except of course for hard drive failures, viruses etc.

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It looks like you have invalid JSON. Check your manifest.json in JSON validator to debug it.

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