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When calling the query.ToList() I get

object reference not set to an instance of an object

For x.Gallons, all the orders have this value set, it's not null. Also, there are 2 DProducts in the database table with proper ID. What could be wrong?


var query = from p in Repository.repository.ctx.DProduct
            join fo in Repository.repository.ctx.DFuelOrder.Include("DProduct")
            on p.ID equals fo.DProductID
            group fo by fo.DProduct into Prod
            select new DProductSummary
                Product = fo.DProduct,
                TotalGallons = (float)Prod.Sum(x => x.Gallons)
    IList<DProductSummary> ps = query.ToList();

    foreach (DProductSummary dps in ps)
catch (Exception exc)
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It seems that you can't do the following 2 things:

  1. Create a entity object, DProduct in my case inside a linq query
  2. You cannot access a reference in a linq query even if you Include it So you have to use the join table.Propery instead. A working query:

        var query = from fo in Repository.repository.ctx.DFuelOrder.Include("DProduct")
                    join p in Repository.repository.ctx.DProduct
                    on fo.DProductID equals p.ID
                    group fo by new { fo.DProductID, p.Name } into Prod
                    select new DProductSummary
                          ProductName = Prod.Key.Name,
                          TotalGallons = (float)Prod.Sum(x => x.Gallons)
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