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Having problems with css div height. I am using 1140 framework.

  <div class="fourcol">
    <div class="home-content">
      <div class="onecol"></div>
      <div class="elevencol last">
        <h4>Title Title</h4>
        <div class="onecol"></div>
        <div class="threecol home-icon-1"></div>
        <div class="eightcol last">
          <p>Lorem ipsum data.......................</p>

Css code:

.home-content { border: 1px solid red; }
.home-icon-1 { min-height: 100px; background:url(../img/home_icon_1.jpg) no-repeat center left;}

I want round a border on home-content class but it show 1px height at all. How can i stretch it in accordance to <p>Lorem ipsum data.......................</p> height?

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I'm not following what you are asking? – Kyle Rogers Jun 2 '12 at 13:17
Could you try to clarify? What browser? – Jonathan O Jun 2 '12 at 13:50
<div class="home-content"> I am adding border to this, but it doesn't cover under-divs I mentioned in the mark up. – user1031030 Jun 2 '12 at 14:13
Try overflow: auto – Robert Niestroj Jun 2 '12 at 14:47
You must have used FLOAT somewhere – Salil Momin Jun 2 '12 at 18:04

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