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I'm using Appcelerator to build the mobile application and I have add a TableView() on Window(). Inside a TableView(), it's styled as a GroupView and it has a headerView() and a footerView(). I have two TextField()s and I want it to blur() when click on the non-TextField() region. However, when I mapped it out, I realized, I can't find the Click() Events occured in the Orange and Pink region and hence, I can't blur the textfields when both the region is clicked!

Any help is very much appreciated. The pink region is due to the fact that I set a height to the footerView().

TableView Problem

Cheers, Mickey

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Create a new view with height Ti.UI.FULL and add a click event listener that does the blur to it. Then add all your elements to your new view and add your view to the window.

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it doesn't really work. on the same note, i realized when i click the tableviewrow, both and got fired. anyways that only get fired and not – Mickey Cheong Jun 5 '12 at 16:33

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