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I have a CXF WS project that I would use it in another project, I would consume this WS in a Web Project but I don't know how to generate Jar file.

Please have you any idea or an example?

Thank you

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The maven-war-plugin supports creating a separate artifact that just contains the classes.


See the 'attachClasses' parameter. No need to add in the jar plugin or mess with the packaging. Just add the war plugin to pluginManagement and turn this on.

However, I fear this this isn't what you want. To consume a CXF web service, you need a client. To get a client, follow the instructions in the CXF samples for how to generate and use client stubs. You'll want a separate maven project for this.

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This is a one way to achieve it, via property. By default it will generate a war file, and when you want the jar just set the property.

mvn install -Dp.type=jar


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Try adding this into your build section:

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It seems that I have to change phase to package. If it is set to compile, there is a error on pom.xml. –  Stony Jun 19 '13 at 2:31

mvn package unless your project's packaging is something besides jar. Then you'd need to add an execution of the jar plugin, as described on the plugin's usage page and as the first answer showed. Better yet, if it's not a jar, divide it into two modules: one that's a jar containing your reusable code, and the other the thing that uses it.

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