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I am currently trying to compute N change points in the data. I have calculated weight of each data point to be considered, based on k points to the left and k points to the right.

Now, my problem is as follows: if I select e.g. top 10 data points with maximum weights, they are almost always in the same region. This is because if x has top weight, probably x+1 and x-1 will have almost the same weight, as they are based on the same k-1 points to the left and right respectively.

What I was thinking was to search through all weights and analyse them in buckets of M points each. for each bucket, I would choose the leader, and then I would choose top 10 leaders. Does this heuristic makes any sense to you? If so, is there any fast implementation of this?


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why is this tagged java? –  Suraj Chandran Jun 2 '12 at 15:07
sounds like the answers you get will strongly depend on how you first partition them into the buckets. that means your answers are answering a question about your algorithm, not your data, which probably isn't what you want. –  goat Jun 2 '12 at 15:34

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