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We use the_post_thumbnails to get our images displayed.

We want to use them with a specific class called "test" but we cant manage it!

We use this code:

 <?php the_post_thumbnail('pin-photo-large', array('class' => 'test')); ?>

But the output of the image seems like this:

 class="test wp-post-image"

How can we overcome this issue and get an output like this ?

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Why is it a problem to have wp-post-image in there additionally? –  Pekka 웃 Jun 2 '12 at 15:05

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Update: Add this to your functions.php file:

remove_action( 'begin_fetch_post_thumbnail_html', '_wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter_add' );

Explanation: In media.php, the _wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter function adds the wp-post-image class to post thumbnails. By removing the begin_fetch_post_thumbnail_html action hook (located in default-filters.php), the function will no longer apply to the_post_thumbnail.

Old answer below:

I also searched for a proper way to filter out the wp-post-image class, alas to no avail. The only solution I figured out was to edit a (gasp!) core file: media.php and replace this:

function _wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter( $attr ) {
    $attr['class'] .= ' wp-post-image';
    return $attr;

by this:

function _wp_post_thumbnail_class_filter( $attr ) {
    return $attr;

There's certainly a better way to do this than to patch a core file, but this can be a good temporary solution.

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