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I download and Installed VSTFS 2012 Express RC version and added few sample project collection in TFSAdmin console, while I am trying to access the project via web access it showing following message.

 TF246019: The Team Foundation Server trial period has expired, or the license is not valid. You must update your license in order to continue to use Team Foundation Server.

In RC version trial period seems to be 90 days, but expired after the installation. Any help?

Thanks in advance

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I didn't try but usually when you have issues like that it's become of the system date&time. –  Nock Jun 2 '12 at 19:21
System date and time are synchronised –  Sebastiaan Jun 3 '12 at 13:01
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The Team Foundation server app pool was running 32-bit mode

You can set the 32-bit application setting in IIS 7 Manager by opening the ‘Advanced Settings’ for the app pool and change Change the Enable 32-bit Applications to False.

Advanced settings

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In my case, there were 58 days left on my trial - as per Sebastiaan's case, the "trial period has expired" message was a complete red herring.

The problem was fixed by a stop/start of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server Application Pool.

Application Pools

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