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I have many xaml files and need to use some functions that I don't want to duplicate the code:


 void gotoUrL(..){}

 void goroUsers(..){}

 <Image Tap="gotoUrl">..

How I can do this? something.xaml

<Image Tap="gotoUrl">

//gotoUrl referenced from main.xaml.cs

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One way could be that you write a separate helper class: Helper.cs. (You can make it static). In Helper.cs, you can put all the functions that you dont want to duplicate. Then call that particular helper class function: Helper.gotoUrl() from the gotoUrl() method of main.xaml.cs and something.xaml.cs. You code is not duplicated anymore.

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Thanks, I suggest to use your way too. I did it hour ago, thought there is another way. –  wsevendays Jun 2 '12 at 19:40
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You have a few options with UserControls.. If you only need this for a particular Image which will remain the same, you can Simply Make a new UserControl with the Image inside of it.

If the functions may vary, you could make a UserControl like (Let's call it GoToUrlControl):

//all the xaml at the top of the file


<Grid Tap="OnTapped">
   <ContentControl Content="{Binding Path=Body, ElementName=Control}"/>

Then, in the code behind, create a DependencyProperty (type propdp and hit tab twice) Name it Body

Finally, to use it on any xaml page, you add the xaml reference, and something like

      <//put any content here here />

I'm not at a computer where I can give you fully working code, but this link should fill in the missing pieces.

How to Implement a Dependency Property

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