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I am in a situation where I have to launch vms using qemu remotely and then keep track of whether the guests are up or not. Is there any way to do this?

I figured out that if I can get the guest ip address, I could resolve it, but I havent yet figured out a way to find this.

I am using a custom version of qemu-0.13 and libvirt is not really an option for me as I need to pass custom parameters to qemu, which I read is not fully supported.

Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated

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  • You can provide static ip to your guest machine and continuously ping to check whether it is up.

  • using /etc/inittab you can send a packet from guest to host, when guest is up and networking is configured.

  • In general guest ip is 10.0.x.y and correspondingly host ip is (from guest' view only), so you can ping host machine as ping from guest. But from host to guest pinging is not possible. So you can create a reverse ssh tunnel to open a port on host which redirect all the request to that port to guest.

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