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Good day.

I was wondering if you guys know some Free or Open Source PHP Frameworks?

Can you tell me some you know, and advantages, disadvantages and for what good are each one for?

About this subject i also become to know CodeIgniter, those who know it, and worked with, do you think its good for a "general" type of PHP Applications, or you know a better one?

Thanks for the help.

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This question has been asked a million times in SO (see answer below). Please first search and then ask a question. –  anand_trex Jul 6 '09 at 11:04
Your right.. :S Sorry.. one vote up. –  Fábio Antunes Oct 2 '09 at 18:40

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My personal suggestion: KohanaPHP.

Stackoverflow Archive:

...too tired to copy/paste more. Google has a great secret in that it can search within single sites for content. You can find all questions related to "PHP" and "Framework" by doing the following search in google:

site:stackoverflow.com php framework

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Thanks. I have already read some of the links and i have satisfied my questions about PHP Frameworks. Thanks. –  Fábio Antunes Jul 6 '09 at 11:04
yes i know about it (google) xD –  Fábio Antunes Jul 6 '09 at 11:05

How about DooPHP? It is just released, see the benchmark . It might be the fastest PHP framework!

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