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I use underscore templates, to render my page. The problem starts when I use:


and I can access them sometimes, sometimes it just doesn't work because the page gets rendered after the document load.

So I use

$('#application').html(_.template('<div class="input-placeholder"></div>', {}));

And it sometimes prints to console that it found input-placeholder but not all the time. How can I make sure that after the template is loaded the $(function(){}) is triggered.


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Read the template in the render method:

  render: function(){
    var html = _.template($("#my-template"));

And then wait until after the DOMReady event has fired before starting your app, creating your view instance and rendering it.

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If it's not a one off template then you probably don't want to recompile the template for every view that needs that template. – Jack Jun 3 '12 at 1:48

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, but you could try this alternative to Derick's solution.

    el: document.createElement('div'),
    template: null,
    render: function(){
        if(this.template === null){
            this.template = _.template($('#my-template'));

Please note that if you do:

var something = _.template('<div><%= haha %></div>');

something becomes a function that gives you html when you give it data, you shouldn't recompile every time.

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