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I have implemented an AppEngine Java app. It runs just fine - except that i'm having way too many datastore read operations.

So I installed the appstats tool to analyze it. It showed up that on a single request i am doing in one point of my code:

Query query = persistenceManager.newQuery(Info.class,
List<Info> storedInfos = (List<Info>) query.execute(keys);

That single call to execute(...) results in multiple datastore_v3.Get calls. I get this stack trace multiple times: makeAsyncCall() makeAsyncCall() makeAsyncCall() doBatchGetBySize() doBatchGetByEntityGroups() get() get() get() executeBatchGetQuery() performExecute() performExecute() executeQuery() executeWithArray()
org.datanucleus.api.jdo.JDOQuery:243 execute() doPost()

It is even calling executeBatchGetQuery so why is this issued multiple times?

I have already tried out some datastore/persistencemanager settings but none helped :(

Any ideas?

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You're probably seeing keys being broken into groups and the query being executing asynchronously. How many keys are you querying for?

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~100 keys are getting executed in ~20 queries. But how do i control that behaviour? – Goddchen Jun 2 '12 at 19:55

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