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I have created a C# console based project. In that project i have some variables like companyName, companyType which are Strings.


I need to create a config file and read values from it, and then initialize the variables companyName, companyType in the code.

  1. How can i create a config file (or equivalent) ?
  2. How can i read from the config file ?
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Check here: bit.ly/KTSE92 . Really i don't understand why are you asking if you didn't even do basic search. –  Matija Grcic Jun 2 '12 at 18:21
This answer may help –  Ufuk Hacıoğulları Jun 2 '12 at 18:28

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  1. Add an Application Configuration File item to your project (right click project > add item). This will create a file called app.config in your project.

  2. Edit the file by adding entries like <add key="keyname" value="someValue" /> within the <appSettings> tag.

  3. Add a reference to the System.Configuration dll, and reference the items in the config using code like ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["keyname"]

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Configuration configManager = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(ConfigurationUserLevel.None);
KeyValueConfigurationCollection confCollection = configManager.AppSettings.Settings;

confCollection["YourKey"].Value = "YourNewKey";



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  1. Right click on the project file -> Add -> New Item -> Application Configuration File. This will add an app.config (or web.config) file to your project.

  2. The ConfigurationManager class would be a good start. You can use it to read different configuration values from the configuration file.

I suggest you start reading the MSDN document about Configuration Files.

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